about us

Hi, I’m Kris Tenny-Brittian (yes, that’s me in the picture). I started LOACA.Life when I realized that support sites for Ladies Of A Certain Age were few and far between. I needed help and while I could find lots of information, I still wanted – needed – a community of Ladies Of A Certain Age … ladies who’ve reached that certain time in life to whom could turn for advice, resources, encouragement, and support.

I guess I started this site for me, but in reality it isn’t my site. It’s our site. Yours. Mine. And if all the wonderful ladies I’ve been meeting along the way are any indication, here you’re going to find us celebrating (and, yes, sometimes commiserating) living the LOACA Life.


Philana is a semi-retired educator with 30+ years’ experience in teaching (Kindergarten to College), vocational counseling, and college advising. Her post-graduate work includes extensive studies in pastoral counseling and working with people across cultural and spiritual traditions. Thanks to her grandparents and “The Farm” in the Missouri Bootheel, she has a lifelong love of nature, farmland, and growing things. A former Air Force officer and wife, Philana comes from a long line of military service. Her goals in life have always included supporting people to live the life they want for themselves. A Cleveland Ohio native, Philana has two adult sons.


My goal is to provide opportunities through nature and experiential activities for each person to recover and discover their joys, passions and purposes. By ‘coming away’ for a while, each person will find ways to live the life they desire.


Victoria Day is indeed a loud and proud LOACA! She believes in the importance of support and ritual during the awesome transition times of our lives and has had herself the great privilege of being birthed into her Crone Self several years ago with the supportive hands and hearts of her daughter and many wonderful women friends in a deeply moving ritual honoring this sacred time of “The Change.” Victoria practices living life fully for herself every day with dance; meditation; gardening; and laughing, loving, and eating good food with her partner of sixteen years. She spends her days supporting others to live life more fully, in whatever way this means for them, through their processes of change into their bodymindspirit. You can find out more about Victoria by visiting Embodiment LLC – Live Life More Fully and Victoria Day LPC LLC on Facebook. You can also explore moving with Victoria by visiting her newly created Youtube channel, Embodiment Live Life More Fully, or by joining any of the many online and movement experiences she offers during the week!


Charity Goodwin is a dynamic speaker, pastor, and coach who is a frequent keynote and breakout session speaker on leadership and often speaks on spiritual, personal, and emotional wellness. Charity’s quick wit and practical wisdom fuse seamlessly with her work in Emotional Intelligence, the research of Dr. Brene Brown, and her twenty years of ministry experiences, to help her clients increase their leadership capacity and come to make courageous decisions, start new ministries, and have healthier relationships with God, themselves, their congregations, and their family. 

Charity is the mom of two boys: Levi Nicolas, who’s the ham in the fam, and Gabriel Jicotea, who’s the budding engineer or computer tech. She says that parenting her son Gabriel, who has autism, continually shapes and textures her voice with an empathy and realness that cannot be manufactured. She’s also an Ordained Elder in the Missouri Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

In March 2020 Charity became a published author! Her first book, GET UP: Unearthing your Passion and Taking Brave Action in 50 Days, is a Devotional Journal. And, oh, in her spare time Charity loves to dance, listen to podcasts, and read non-fiction. To learn more about her, head on over to Speaking Life.


Sherry Habben is a life-long learner whose “word for this year” is resilience. She has three grown sons, four grandchildren, and 7 grand dogs! She loves to spend time with her grandchildren, to read, to have quiet days to work around her small home, to sit in front of her fireplace, and to practice mindful meditation.

Sherry is retired United Methodist clergy and today you’ll find her loving her prayer group, leading a small group, and being a part of her local church.