Likely at one time or another you’ve heard the words access and opportunity used in the same sentence, particularly in regard to women. Without access to the “right” people, the “right” resources, the right “rights,” opportunities are limited if available at all (which is all the more reason we LOACA have to learn how to Create Opportunities). But accessing all life has for us also rests on our ability to take care of ourselves, to stay – to get and stay – healthy. One of the saddest regrets we’ve heard came from a LOACA whose health confined her to a bed in a skilled nursing facility for the final two years of her life: “It’s awful when your body has given out on you and is ready to die but your mind is as sharp as a tack. I wish I had taken better care of myself when I was younger.” Will you pause for a moment and sit with her words?

Here you’re going to find the information, suggestions, supports, and who knows what else to help you do just that: take better care of your body, your mind, and your spiritual self … because, you know, they’re all inter-related.


Turtles And Blue Herons

Philana Crite

My Sunday morning walks of late have included box turtle rescues and Great Blue Heron sightings. I often look to see what the spiritual meanings of these encounters might be. Turtle, as you can guess, means to slow down, change your pace and enjoy the scenery. It asks that I connect with my creative inner self and get or stay grounded. I have also encountered the Great Blue Heron, flying overhead or standing at a pond as I drove by. I have a long fascination with this big water bird. As I searched the spiritual meanings, I felt deeper messages surface. Heron brings the message of stillness, determination and independence. Patience is essential whether hunting in a marsh or discerning an emerging opportunity. More importantly, Heron lives in three elemental worlds; air, water and earth.

Paying attention to the natural world and all its signs and wonders, I ask myself many things. I reflect, like the heron, on the past while hunting in the present. I focus on what supports my growth and well-being. Turtle reminds me I have all I need within and without. The ability to create the life I want to live is as close and integral a part of me as the turtles shell.

Like each of these creatures I move between worlds; earth, water and air. This holds true for you as well. As we face ourselves in this time of sheltering in and opening up, it’s no surprise at the protests that are surfacing. I/we have seen and learned things about ourselves; some of which is distasteful, unattractive, disturbing yet undeniable. And even more we know to continue to deny our revelations will result in fates potentially worse than death.

As we move into more new phases of life and living the deeper message seems to be remember to secure stillness and tranquility of spirit for yourself. The natural world is right outside your window, in your gardens and on an evening walk through your neighborhood or local park. Pay attention to your self, the people you encounter and the creatures large and small you share this planet with (plants included). Receive them and use this time with all its elemental surprises as part of a daily retreat. Remember to share and give thanks; there’s more to come.

Philana is the Owner of Soul Speak, an LLC that provides custom retreats that center on self-discovery and growth.