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Living With the Body You Have: Listen, Learn, Love

Living Your Purpose

kris tenny-brittian

What, exactly, does it mean to live with purpose? And who decides? And who who decides what your purpose happens to be? In my work I regularly ask people to pull out their phones and pull out their calendars and bank account app (those of us who aren’t quite there pull out our calendars and checkbooks). I can take one look at your time and money expenditures for the past three months and tell you what’s important to you … what you value … what your values are.

And, oh my, how a lot of folks hate that little exercise. They want to argue that it’s not an accurate way to assess one’s values. Often I have to explain that values are what we live, not necessarily what we want. I would love to tell you I value being healthy but if you look at me closely you might see that I value good food I don’t have to cook – and if you were to look at my checkbook and calendar, you would see they reflect that (= charges at restaurants and appointments at those restaurants with friends).

You’d also see I haven’t quite yet achieved the habit of healthy eating, let alone being healthy. I have to confess it’s not been on the top of my list and if I’m …

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