The LOACA years bring with them a variety of changes. Jobs come to a close. Children grow up. Marital statuses change. Friends move. We move. We get a glance at ourselves in a mirror and wonder who’s staring back at us. Many of us find ourselves asking, “Who am I?” Maybe you?

Not to worry. I’m there with you … or have been. Actually, that’s one of the beauties of being the Lead LOACA of LOACA Life. Our Team comprises LOACA who’ve “been there,” or are “there,” or know they’ll find themselves wherever “there” will be. We’ve decided we want to be more than our past and have made a commitment to get past ourselves and move forward in spite of our fears, embarrassments, self-doubts, and everything else that has gotten in the way of our living a life with purpose that we own and can access so we can create possibilities and age without getting old. Living a life with purpose, owning our life, accessing our life, creating possibiities, and aging without getting old: It’s what I call LOACA Living.


WHO AM I? Live Event

Thursdays in May: 13, 20, & 27

7:00-8:30 PM

$60 Early Bird (by May 3) / $75 May 4 and beyond

Okay, I’ll be honest. It’s not easy. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about in our upcoming Who Am I? Seminar. Oh wait. We’re not going to talk about its not being easy; you already know that. We’re going to talk about how to move past the dis-ease and ease into a life worthy of LOACA Living. Oh wait, again. We’re not going to merely “talk” about all this. We’re going to work on it during the three Sessions and you’ll be given homework in between so you’ll have the optionto work on it during the week. Did I warn you there’ll be Homework?

Below you’ll find an ouline of the three Sessions. You can click HERE to register. And if you register on or before 03 May, you’ll receive a $15 discount! I hope I’ll see you there. I always look forward to sharing what has helped me move more fully into LOACA Living. Trust me, it works … and it’s worth it.

SESSION 1: person or persona?

During our younger years (pre-LOACA) most of us operate from out of our persona, the “me” we project out into the world. Our persona is tied to the varied, and often many, roles that define us. We’re employees, employers, moms, wives, and daughters. When asked the question “Who are you?,” more often than not we reply with what we do. What we do defines who we are.

Then the time comes when we no longer fill those defining roles. Our jobs come to a close. Our children grow-up. Our spouse is no longer with us – or is with us too much. We replace our parents as the oldest in our family. Many of us find ourselves to be little more than the vestiges of who we’ve been … of what we’ve done. We wonder what our what’s next is. We feel empty. And it’s all the more confusing because we’ve exchanged our person for a persona.

But what an exciting time this is! Now you’re free to exchange your persona for your person. And open the door to the person that’s been waiting in the wings. Get ready to start extracting your person from your persona. You’re going to have the opportunity to do just that!

SESSION 2: from do to who

From the time we’re young, we practice being “grown-up” in a variety of ways. Many of us had baby dolls and played dress-up. Some of us had Barbie and Ken dolls to keep us busy for hours. Others of us got to play with army “men” and trucks. And there were days when we got to pretend we were in School or at Hospital. Then that day came when we were asked the proverbial “What do you want to be when you grow up?” (“What do you want to do?” would have been a much more precise question). Before we knew it we were one step further away from the person we were created to be and too many steps closer to the persona we were becoming.

In this Session we’re exploring ways to dig below what we do so we can discover who we can be. You’ll learn skills and gather a tool or two that can help you break free from existing as the human doing you’ve been and become the human being you’re spirit’s been waiting to be.

SESSION 3: from who to do

What a wonderful time to be a LOACA … a Lady Of A Certain Age. No longer do we have to be tied to our persona, not that we ever had to be; but it’s hard to become who we can be when we’re caught up in what we do. As our person begins its escape from our persona, we have the space to remember our passions, to revisit our purpose, to rework our priorities, and to transform our lives … and the lives of who knows how many others.

In this third and closing Session, Dr. Kris will walk you closer to reconnecting to your passion, recovering your purpose, and revising your priorities. Just what you need to release your YOU … and your BE!

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