Hi! I’m kris tenny-brittian, the “Lead LOACA” here at LOACA Life.

I know, I knowWhat’s a LOACA?

LOACA are Ladies Of A Certain Age … women living into, through, and past our middle years … women who want to thrive the changes that come with The Change.

That’s why I’m here: to listen to you and assure you that you’re neither crazy nor alone to help you identify options so you can make good decisions to provide you with tools and teach you how to cope with all that’s on your plate. Annnnnd I’m here to coach you into becoming the woman God created you to be.

In short, I am here for YOU!

I’m here to equip and empower you so you can thrive through whatever challenges you’re facing. And I’m here to encourage and cheer you on all along the way!

You’re likely a LOACA if
  • Your body is changing
  • A child (or maybe it’s your spouse) has moved out;
  • A good friend is moving on;
  • Your career is winding down; and/or
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make.

OR Maybe you’ve suddenly realized that who you’ve become is what you’ve done … and all of that is changing.

AND you’re not sure how or to whom to talk about it, let alone figure out how you’re going to change it.



Just the two of us – The topic of your choice

  • How you can recover/discover your real YOU
  • How you can use what you’re doing to become who you’ve been created to be
  • How you can break free from your past to live into your future

Or maybe you just need someone to talk to.



Dr. Kris is an Amma, Momma, Grandma; an Author; a Purveyor of Hope; a Midwife of Dreams; and an experienced LOACA!

Her newest book, If Only, addresses the IF ONLYs we’ve been told and continue to listen to from within: “If only you weren’t so fill in your own blank” … “If only you were more fill in your own blank.”

What are the IF ONLYs that are holding you back and preventing you from becoming all you’ve been created to be? If Only will help you explore them and provide tips and tools to overcome them!

Order your copy – and one for a friend – on Amazon.


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LOACA Life LIVE has been on hiatus during the CoVid crisis, but STAY TUNED! Dr. Kris has been talking to LOACA about how to GET CONFIDENCE and can’t wait to share those interviews with YOU! We’re editing episodes now and will begin airing them in April. Whew-HOOOOOO!

For now, though, watch Dr. Kris’ conversation with Sherry Habben about retirement, recuperation, and resilience.

Click HERE to learn more from Sherry’s experience!

It’s an older interview, but you can learn more about LOACA Life in this interview with Victoria Day