LOACA Life’s ever-expanding team of Core Contributors comprises Kate (K8) Catlin (Brand Artist & Designer); Philana Crite (Self-Care Coach & Retreat Facilitator); Victoria Day (Licensed Professional Counselor & Somatic Movement Therapist); Rev. Charity Goodwin (Leadership & Empowerment Coach); Rev. Sherry Habben (Spiritual Companion & Conversationalist); Beth Hammock (Image & Marketing Consultant); and our Lead LOACA, Dr. Kris Tenny-Brittian (Coach-Consultant-Entrepreneur).

KATE CATLIN (K8) has been an artist since birth and an entrepreneur since 6th Grade when she got sent to the principal for selling tiny neon fish-bobber earrings to her classmates. She never looked back and has since spent her life creating, learning, and seeking spiritually. In 2019, she found what she was looking for and life since then has been a lot more interesting.  

“I spent the first half of my life working hard and often struggling to figure out myself and the world. Now, instead of searching for myself, I’ve become my own best friend, and life is so good. I feel like I’m looking at the second half of my life from on top of the world. The view is amazing.”

K8 brings the fun! When she’s not creating art, you can find her hosting Zoom worship services, encouraging others, and dressing up like an extra from a Mad Max movie.

She specializes in designing fun logos for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses (she designed our LOACA logo!!). She also creates Wasteland Streetwear™—upcycled everyday dystopian fashion, jewelry, and leather accessories inspired by Wasteland and Burning Man.

K8’s is the Founder and CEO of 3foldart.co. Head over there to learn more about her and to see some of her incredible creations!

PHILANA CRITE is a semi-retired educator with 30+ years’ experience in teaching (Kindergarten to College), vocational counseling, and college advising. Her post-graduate work includes extensive studies in pastoral counseling and working with people across cultural and spiritual traditions. Thanks to her grandparents and “The Farm” in the Missouri Bootheel, she has a lifelong love of nature, farmland, and growing things. A former Air Force officer and wife, Philana comes from a long line of military service. Her goals in life have always included supporting people to live the life they want for themselves. A Cleveland Ohio native, Philana has two adult sons.

“My goal is to provide opportunities through nature and experiential activities for each person to recover and discover their joys, passions and purposes. By ‘coming away’ for a while, each person will find ways to live the life they desire.

VICTORIA DAY spends her days supporting others to live life more fully, in whatever way this means for them, through their processes of change into their bodymindspirit. She’s a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME/T), a Certified Movement Analyst, and a trained Spiritual Circle Mother; and she is currently studying for her Body-Mind Psychotherapist Level-One Certification. Victoria has facilitated healing movement experiences for a wide variety of people in diverse locations since the mid-1990s and is dedicated to maintaining and deepening her skills as a somatic being as well as a somatic practitioner. She is an active member of the Kindred Collective – a healing, wellness, and expressive art collective located in Columbia Missouri. As part of Kindred, she offers her clinical work as a licensed professional counselor as well as her somatic repatterning.

Victoria practices living life fully for herself every day with dance; meditation; gardening; and laughing, loving, and eating good food with her partner of sixteen years. You can learn more about her and her work by visiting Embodiment LLC – Live Life More Fully and Victoria Day LPC LLC on Facebook. Annnnnd you can enjoy her exuberant enthusiasm and you-can-do-it motivation to move by popping over to her YouTube channel, Embodiment Live Life More Fully, or by joining any of the many online and movement experiences she offers during the week!

CHARITY GOODWIN is a dynamic Speaker, Pastor (she’s an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church), and Leadership Coach who frequently speaks on spiritual, personal, and emotional wellness. Her quick wit and practical wisdom fuse seamlessly with her work in Emotional Intelligence, the research of Dr. Brené Brown, and her twenty years of ministry experiences to help her clients increase their leadership capacity so they can come to make courageous decisions; start new projects; and have healthier relationships with God, themselves, their congregations, and their family. In March 2020 Charity became a published author; her first book, a Devotional Journal, GET UP: Unearthing Your Passion and Taking Brave Action in 50 Days.

Charity is the mom of two boys: Levi Nicolas, who’s the ham in the fam, and Gabriel Jicotea, who’s the budding engineer or computer tech. She says that parenting her son Gabriel, who has autism, continually shapes and textures her voice with an empathy and realness that cannot be manufactured.

Charity loves to dance, listen to podcasts, and read non-fiction. Learn more about her and what she’s up to now over at Speaking Life.

SHERRY HABBEN is retired United Methodist clergy and a life-long learner. Her 2020 “Word for the Year” was resilience;and, thanks to the CoVid29 Pandemic and the growth of online learning, she’s spent the past year and one-half participating in classes and courses that allowed her to both contemplate and deepen her resilience through the spiritual practice of mindfulness. She’s also had the opportunity to provide spiritual companionship, mentoring, and coaching for women of varying ages; and is glad she can now enjoy her prayer group and local church in-person.

Sherry has three grown sons, four grandchildren, and seven grand dogs. She loves to spend time with her grandchildren, to read, to have quiet days to work around her small home, to sit in front of her fireplace, and to practice mindful meditation.

BETH HAMMOCK is a marketing consultant, writer, and video producer who started her career as a TV news producer. When the birth of twins expanded her family to four, Beth was an at-home mom for a few years (before she became a single-mother). She then fell into a position in public relations, a more family-friendly career. Since that career shift, Beth has worked for several universities in public relations and fund development roles, including for her alma mater, the University of Missouri, Columbia. She launched her business, Hammock Marketing + Communications, in 2013.

Adventure and fun are important to Beth. She loves being out on the water in a kayak or a boat. She began skiing in earnest at age forty-eight (!) when she lived in Montana; and she got to do a lot of hiking in Glacier National Park and on the trails around Missoula. Today she lives in the St. Louis area with her long-term companion, a Corgi named Abby. There you’ll find her regularly riding her bike and exploring nature with her grandkids (she’s a very proud Grandmother).

Beth has lived all over the United States and has been to forty-three of our states (her Bucket List includes visiting every state –almost there, Beth!). She moved every one to two years as a child and has continued to move frequently as an adult. She sees the pros and cons of relocating and explores that in her writing. Beth credits her connection to God for always moving her forward. She meditates daily, values spiritual community; and embraces the power of the arts to nurture her soul.

Learn more about Beth and read her Blog over at Hammock Communications

The Rev. Dr. Kris Tenny-Brittian is our Founder, CEO, and Lead LOACA. Her Life Purpose is to equip, empower, and encourage people to become all God’s created them to be. It’s no wonder she loves to walk with women and support them as they recognize and unleash their potential. She is Mom to two daughters, one son, and three Old English Sheepdogs; Grandma/Mama to three Grandboys, one tween and two teens; and Wife to the Rev. Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian.

Professionally, Kris is a Consultant & Strategic Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and Speaker; she is also an Adjunct Professor for Phillips Theological Seminary’s Center for Ministry and Lay Training where her courses include Education & Leader Development, Conflict Utilization, & Spiritual Development. She’s designed and/or facilitated several hundred seminars and has written a number of books, workbooks, studies, journals and devotionals.

In addition to her educational degrees, Kris is a graduate of the 160-hour Master Teacher Program offered by The Reiki Training Program in Seattle (the only Vocational School of Reiki in the U.S.) and is a Registered Reiki Master-Teacher in Washington State. She’s earned a Certificate in Spiritual Companionship; is a Registered Bridges Transitions Practitioner, Facilitator, and Trainer; is a Certified Substitute Teacher in Missouri; and an Ordained Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Kris is spending this season of her LOACA years enjoying life as an Amma (a Spiritual Mama), entrepreneuring; leading seminars and workshops; spending all the time she can with her Grandboys and children (whom she spent too many years sacrificing on the altar of “professional establishment”); writing; working with other LOACA; and learning how to incorporate the art of LOACA Living into her daily life. And, oh, how could she forget: she’s been loving midwifing and being the Lead LOACA of LOACA Life, LLC!