Likely at one time or another you’ve heard the words access and opportunity used in the same sentence, particularly in regard to women. Without access to the “right” people, the “right” resources, and the right “rights,” our opportunities are limited … if available at all (which is all the more reason we LOACA have to learn how to Create Opportunities). But accessing all life has for us also rests on our ability to take care of ourselves, to stay – to get and stay – healthy. One of the saddest regrets we’ve heard came from a LOACA whose health confined her to a bed in a skilled nursing facility for the final two years of her life: “It’s awful when your body has given out on you and is ready to die but your mind is as sharp as a tack. I wish I had taken better care of myself when I was younger.”

Will you pause for a moment and sit with her words?

Here on our ACCESSING page you’re going to find the information, suggestions, supports, and who knows what else to help you do just that: take better care of your body, your mind, and your spiritual self … because, you know, they’re all inter-related.

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