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My 37-year old daughter told me that both her and her husband’s doctors told them (separately!) that you should start taking co-Q10 when you turn 30. I’m also a huge fan of Alive! and Caltrate-600.

A few weeks ago a friend and I were comparing our vitamins for “women over-50.” I was actually surprised to learn that mine were so much more “complete” than hers, particularly since I’ve been supplementing mine with supplements we LOACA are often told we need in addition to our daily vitamins! THAT was a shock … confirmed by my doctor who asked me why I was buying all these different supplements? Now I’m an even bigger fan of Alive! Women’s 50+ Daily Multivitamin. I take one of those and two Caltrate-600+ every day.

There were times I didn’t want to have sex with my husband ever again because I’m so dry “down there” and sometimes “down there” even hurts without sex.It was a real problem because my husband’s a great lover and I like sex! I went to one of those Pure Romance Parties (I live in a small town so I’m really glad they’ve been on Zoom!) and learned that dryness is common for LOACA Ladies but using a vaginal moisturizer can make a huge difference and that we shouldn’t use it just during sex. I’ve been using their Just Like Me Personal Lubricant every day for several months now and it’s nice to feel “normal” down there.

When I hear Monistat, I immediately think yeast infections. It’s what a friend told me to use when I was young/young-and-too-embarrassed to talk to anyone else about it (because you know, only promiscuous young women, get yeast infections … but that’s a whole other story!). Anyways, my earliest memories of Monistat include sneaking around a small drug store trying to figure out how to pay for it without anyone seeing me. In a way, I guess it’s similar to the embarrassment I spent too many years carrying because my thighs rubbed together so much they would rub raw. [If you’re up for a little TMI, it’s one of the main reasons to wear panty hose!] I can tell you all kinds of home remedies to try to keep your thighs from starting a fire, but I don’t have to because I’ve been spending a good bit of time working through my embarrassments and one of those had to do with my body. Anyway, after trying several different “anti-chafing” products (I had no idea there are so many!), I found MONISTAT’s Chafing Relief Gel. It’s not really a gel, though – it’s smooth and stays on. And it’s good for whatever else you’ve got that rubs together, too! Trust me, I’ve tried it. LOL

Don’t be afraid to go gray. It was nice not having to color it again after four weeks and have never gone back. One trick for gray/silver/white hair: use purple (yes purple) shampoo and conditioner but be careful because some of them will leave a purplish tinge if you leave it on too long or use it too many times a week. (I like the OGX Lavender Shampoo and conditioner.) – meghan, 60 in Seattle

LOACA need to think twice before we jump up and down. For a lot of us jumping leads to wet pants. It’s pretty embarrassing to learn that when you’re jumping rope with your 6-year old granddaughter! I never liked wearing sanitary napkins and wasn’t looking forward to trading them in for “Pee Pads”; but I started asking women a little older than me (I’m 55) and I was encouraged to try them. One friend even told me where to find them at Walmart so I didn’t have to ask (thank you Deb!). I know different people like different things, but my favorites are Poise Pads. I get the medium-hold (number 4), even though I don’t end up using one every day. I used to hate “wasting” them when I might need one every one or two weeks. I found out the hard way, though, that it’s better to be safe than sorry because when you need them you NEED them. Now I always have a Pee Pad in my purse with an extra pair of underwear just in case.

A LOACA woman told me to start taking Remifemin everyday when I turned forty. I did. Twenty years later I’ve yet to “suffer” because of hot flashes and recommend it to every woman I see furiously fanning the flames of a hot flash. I did go through a few weeks of waking-up with moderate “nite sweats,” but heard about the Remifemin Good Night; tried it; and have never had another sweaty night again … except when the air conditioner isn’t working in the Summer. kt-b, 60 in MissouriI

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