Are you ready to take a walk!?!

Hello Friends,

 We are experiencing pre-spring, and the fluctuations in temperature are just one sign. I was looking up into the sky paying attention to the changing cloud patterns and increasing bird movements. I wondered what the sky told our ancestors (mostly our grand and great grandparents); when the natural world was the information system, and it was also ever changing and always communicating with them.

 In days past, we relied upon the wisdom and perceptiveness of our elders, soothsayers, medicine people and spiritual leaders to interpret our world and our place in it. In the modern western world, many of us have shifted to other experts. The unfortunate loss in this is our intimate involvement with each other and our environment. Often, we go outside to use the natural world to fill in the gaps and spaces in our inner lives. We use our parks, and waterways, yet seldom truly enter them as equal inhabitants worthy of our consideration and respect.

Ecotherapy, as an emerging practice, is another system available to assist an individual in and through difficult emotions and experiences. Ecotherapy asks both the client and the adviser/guide to enter a third-party arrangement. This means the natural world is also engaged in the search for wholeness and relief. Ecotherapy requires that all human parties involved, ask the other than human inhabitants; plants, animals, insects, birds, etc., permission to enter the liminal space and request their assistance. Ecotherapy is a means of leveling the playing field and re-structuring the perceptions of the human participants. The beauty of this whole activity is that each time we step into the natural world from this perspective, a new magical experience occurs. We are each changed.

As we spring into Spring, pay attention to the risings taking place within you. As we feel more sunlight, our inner seeds also begin to push open. As you make way for the new growth, remember to gently remove the old. Just as you will clear flower beds, gardens, and yards, take time to do this within. With the support of ecotherapy and its tools, I am available to support you into the new. Contact me and we can schedule your first session.

Are you ready to take a walk?

By Philana Crite

Philana is the Owner of Soul Speak, an LLC offering Custom Retreats that center on self-discovery and growth. Soul Speak’s Mission is to provide personalized opportunities through nature and experiential activities that allow people to recover and discover their joys, passions, and purposes. By ‘coming away’ for a while, Retreatants find ways to live the life they desire.

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