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Walk & Talk through Spring!


We are moving along through Spring and, for you astrology fans, Taurus season. The new births of plants and animals capture our attention. Babies of all types – ducklings, chicks, lambs, calves, cubs and kits – are popping up along with sprouts. The swallows have returned to their nests on our patio supports and over the doors. The land is awake and ready to receive new seeds. As I have been driving and observing, there are many realms, or layers, of life and living going on simultaneously. While we mow our grass and walk the trails, all manner of natural world beings are also emerging to continue their life journey.

It’s interesting and important to note that for the first time in more than thirty years, several of the major religions have recently observed holidays, and holy days and weeks, concurrently: Easter, Passover, and Ramadan just to name the more familiar ones. They call us to recognize our connectedness and our intimate relationships. The world is round and there is no “away.”

Indeed, we are part of this world: natural first and then human-made. The natural is our very essence, the substance within which we are created and continually creating. But to continually create, we have to find daily ways to keep ourselves in “right relationship” with the Earth and the fullness thereof to learn by observing and communing with all of God’s Creation. The reawakening of Spring’s gifts once again reminds me of the many opportunities God gives us to observe and commune with nature, to seek out the nature allies (or, for some people, the animal spirits) that are present and available to support us on life’s journey.

Each week SoulSpeak offers guided two-hour and three-hour Walking Sessions in our wonderful parks and trails system. Our Spring Walks provide chances to notice and see the reemergence of Spring’s sprouts; to discover, connect, and reconnect with our nature allies; and opportunities to share whatever is sprouting or emerging within you.

Come walk with me. You can reach me at Facebook:/SoulSpeak915 or through email at I look forward to walking and talking with you.