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Walk & Talk through Spring!


We are moving along through Spring and, for you astrology fans, Taurus season. The new births of plants and animals capture our attention. Babies of all types – ducklings, chicks, lambs, calves, cubs and kits – are popping up along with sprouts. The swallows have returned to their nests on our patio supports and over the doors. The land is awake and ready to receive new seeds. As I have been driving and observing, there are many realms, or layers, of life and living going on simultaneously. While we mow our grass and walk the trails, all manner of natural world beings are also emerging to continue their life journey.

It’s interesting and important to note that for the first time in more than thirty years, several of the major religions have recently observed holidays, and holy days and weeks, concurrently: Easter, Passover, and Ramadan just to name the more familiar ones. They call us to recognize our connectedness and our intimate relationships. The world is round and there is no “away.”

Indeed, we are part of this world: natural first and then human-made. The natural is our very essence, the substance within which we are created and continually creating. But to continually create, we have to find daily ways to keep ourselves in “right relationship” with the Earth and the fullness thereof to learn by observing and communing with all of God’s Creation. The reawakening of Spring’s gifts once again reminds me of the many opportunities God gives us to observe and commune with nature, to seek out the nature allies (or, for some people, the animal spirits) that are present and available to support us on life’s journey.

Each week SoulSpeak offers guided two-hour and three-hour Walking Sessions in our wonderful parks and trails system. Our Spring Walks provide chances to notice and see the reemergence of Spring’s sprouts; to discover, connect, and reconnect with our nature allies; and opportunities to share whatever is sprouting or emerging within you.

Come walk with me. You can reach me at Facebook:/SoulSpeak915 or through email at I look forward to walking and talking with you.


Are you ready to take a walk!?!

Hello Friends,

 We are experiencing pre-spring, and the fluctuations in temperature are just one sign. I was looking up into the sky paying attention to the changing cloud patterns and increasing bird movements. I wondered what the sky told our ancestors (mostly our grand and great grandparents); when the natural world was the information system, and it was also ever changing and always communicating with them.

 In days past, we relied upon the wisdom and perceptiveness of our elders, soothsayers, medicine people and spiritual leaders to interpret our world and our place in it. In the modern western world, many of us have shifted to other experts. The unfortunate loss in this is our intimate involvement with each other and our environment. Often, we go outside to use the natural world to fill in the gaps and spaces in our inner lives. We use our parks, and waterways, yet seldom truly enter them as equal inhabitants worthy of our consideration and respect.

Ecotherapy, as an emerging practice, is another system available to assist an individual in and through difficult emotions and experiences. Ecotherapy asks both the client and the adviser/guide to enter a third-party arrangement. This means the natural world is also engaged in the search for wholeness and relief. Ecotherapy requires that all human parties involved, ask the other than human inhabitants; plants, animals, insects, birds, etc., permission to enter the liminal space and request their assistance. Ecotherapy is a means of leveling the playing field and re-structuring the perceptions of the human participants. The beauty of this whole activity is that each time we step into the natural world from this perspective, a new magical experience occurs. We are each changed.

As we spring into Spring, pay attention to the risings taking place within you. As we feel more sunlight, our inner seeds also begin to push open. As you make way for the new growth, remember to gently remove the old. Just as you will clear flower beds, gardens, and yards, take time to do this within. With the support of ecotherapy and its tools, I am available to support you into the new. Contact me and we can schedule your first session.

Are you ready to take a walk?


Ecotherapy … is it for you?


We are well into and almost through with 1/12 of the year, the month of January. This is the month of Janus, the god that looked at the past and the future. I found myself as the new year began, feeling anxious and stressed. Maybe you did as well. I recognized that while I thought myself immune to the blitz of new year talk from all the various media and social sources, I had still been infected or affected by the hype. So much stress on creation and manifestation! I doubt this really helps or assists us in discovering and creating the next chapters of our lives.

Well, I’m inviting you to join me on a little journey. It’s peaceful and at your pace (and mine). This journey is supported by the presence of the natural world and a process known as ecotherapy. So let me begin in the middle.

I attended a Unity conference in 1998 or 1999 in Portland Oregon. Could have been 1997. Anyway, I was introduced to the process of walking with a focus on meditation and spiritual connections. The book “The Spirited Walker” by Carolyn Scott Kortge gave me a foundation for providing supportive spiritual work with individuals and small groups. This was a synchronistic piece for me considering the grand vision for my life is creating and operating a retreat center. As the story and journey continue, you might recognize that our life’s work is truly intended for just that, our entire life. Pieces continue to appear as life goes on. Moving forward through the next twenty years, pieces and people appeared to remind me of my vision and that I was still on the path. The Universal Mind/God/The Divine was still present with me, and my prayers were still being I answered. Well, you’re probably thinking how does this apply to now?

I continue to pursue my vision over the highways and byways with the most recent addition to my vision work the completion of certification in Ecotherapy. Through the coursework and process of earning the Level I Certification in Ecotherapy I discovered even greater passion for the natural world, my place in it and my life purpose, supporting people through life transitions, big and small. The goal: reconnecting ourselves, our humanness, to the natural world and our place in it and creating the life you want to live. There’s more to come concerning Ecotherapy, how it will assist you and how to get started working with me.

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New ways of life are manifesting

It will come as no surprise to anybody for me to say that … a LOT has happened since I last posted on LOACA Life’s Blog site!! Life has changed for all of us in ways we never could have imagined.

I already thought my retirement had been anything but smooth. I was already wandering around in the wilderness looking for the path that would lead me to discover the retirement-life person I was supposed to be. What was my new purpose? Little did I know that rather than orienting, I was about to be thrown into a huge disorienting place (along with all of you!). In reality I had been in a place of disorientation since I made the decision to retire! I was moving further into a larger place of disorientation and disorder!

According to Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest and contemporary theologian, we are now living out a time of Order, Disorder, and Reorder.* In these recurring times, we find ourselves in what is called liminal space. These are the spaces in between what was and what has not yet come. We go through smaller and larger times of liminal space all of our lives. That is where we find ourselves now in the midst of a huge global time of disorientation, change, crumbling understandings of how we live our lives, much divisiveness, and a very uncertain path. 

I am reminded here of my retirement mantra. Three years out from my retirement that mantra, “Not all who wander are lost” still gives me some hope! It has been a time of much sickness, death, upheaval, injustices, and much grief, sadness, and sorrow. However, wandering in the liminal space is not all bad and indeed opens the door to much possibility for fresh new perspectives and change that has needed to happen for a long time. If we are willing to listen and try new things there is possibility for something good to come out of the ashes of the grief and sorrow. 

We are in the midst of these difficult times as Ladies Of A Certain Age, whether or not we want to be – or even recognize that we are. The best way to orient ourselves is to be open to the new ways of life that are manifesting. LOACA women are already in a time of change, aging, and reorienting! We are uniquely positioned to move forward in the new ways of being that are before us!

What I found during my time of Sheltering in Place for over a year due to the Corona Virus, and in the midst of such global disorder, was a new sense of contentment. As an extrovert living almost like a hermit no one was more surprised than me! This contentment did not always keep the anxiety and fears at bay, but it helped me to come back to a realization that even in the midst of chaos, contentment is possible with a willingness to change our focus and perspective. This does not mean we are not sad, grieving, and even angry at what is happening. It means we can find a place of balance and resilience in the midst of the emotions we are feeling.

On my daily Seize the Day calendar, the quote was:

“A contented heart is an even sea in the midst of all storms.”


How is this possible?

In about 62 AD, a man named Paul, who was one of Jesus’ earliest followers, wrote a letter to the congregation in Philippi, Greece. In the four Chapter, he writes:

I am not saying [these things] because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through Him [Jesus] who gives me strength.

Verses 11-13 of Chapter 4 in The Bible’s New Testament Book Philippians

The Wisdom Pattern: Order, Disorder, Reorder by Richard Rohr, OFM (Franciscan Media, 2020)