Ecotherapy … is it for you?


We are well into and almost through with 1/12 of the year, the month of January. This is the month of Janus, the god that looked at the past and the future. I found myself as the new year began, feeling anxious and stressed. Maybe you did as well. I recognized that while I thought myself immune to the blitz of new year talk from all the various media and social sources, I had still been infected or affected by the hype. So much stress on creation and manifestation! I doubt this really helps or assists us in discovering and creating the next chapters of our lives.

Well, I’m inviting you to join me on a little journey. It’s peaceful and at your pace (and mine). This journey is supported by the presence of the natural world and a process known as ecotherapy. So let me begin in the middle.

I attended a Unity conference in 1998 or 1999 in Portland Oregon. Could have been 1997. Anyway, I was introduced to the process of walking with a focus on meditation and spiritual connections. The book “The Spirited Walker” by Carolyn Scott Kortge gave me a foundation for providing supportive spiritual work with individuals and small groups. This was a synchronistic piece for me considering the grand vision for my life is creating and operating a retreat center. As the story and journey continue, you might recognize that our life’s work is truly intended for just that, our entire life. Pieces continue to appear as life goes on. Moving forward through the next twenty years, pieces and people appeared to remind me of my vision and that I was still on the path. The Universal Mind/God/The Divine was still present with me, and my prayers were still being I answered. Well, you’re probably thinking how does this apply to now?

I continue to pursue my vision over the highways and byways with the most recent addition to my vision work the completion of certification in Ecotherapy. Through the coursework and process of earning the Level I Certification in Ecotherapy I discovered even greater passion for the natural world, my place in it and my life purpose, supporting people through life transitions, big and small. The goal: reconnecting ourselves, our humanness, to the natural world and our place in it and creating the life you want to live. There’s more to come concerning Ecotherapy, how it will assist you and how to get started working with me.

By Philana Crite

Philana is the Owner of Soul Speak, an LLC offering Custom Retreats that center on self-discovery and growth. Soul Speak’s Mission is to provide personalized opportunities through nature and experiential activities that allow people to recover and discover their joys, passions, and purposes. By ‘coming away’ for a while, Retreatants find ways to live the life they desire.

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