On the boardwalk….

I saw these three board-carrying ladies and could only smile. Will I be able to surf like that when I’m their age? Even if I don’t surf now? Even if I have absolutely no desire – one might call it a fear – to do anything that requires me to venture into saltwater that creeps up past my toes?

And that made me think what age are those ladies? And then I thought who cares? They’re having fun. They’re owning that boardwalk. They’re determined and moving on into the life the day has for them.

And then, as my mind often does, I wandered off to contemplate when the last time was I had some fun. And what exactly is fun … to me. And what boardwalk have I recently owned?

And then, having determined I still needed some more time to determine all that, I moved on into the rest of my day…. But not before taking another look at those women and smiling. I hope you’ll take a moment to smile today too!

By Kris Tenny-Brittian

Kris is our Lead LOACA, a Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Ordained Minister who provides Spiritual Counsel, Coaching, and Consulting focused on helping women discover, recover, and become all they were created to be. She is the Mom/Momma of three adult children; Mama to three Old English Sheepdogs; and Grandma/MeMaw/Mama to her three amazing grandsons. After sacrificing her children on the altar of college, grad school, and post-grad school, Kris dedicates weekly time to keeps weekly and professional development, always looks forward to seeing her Grandboys her weekly opportunities spending time with the Grandboys each week.

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